Hello, I’m Susan Colleen Browne,

I live a homesteady kind of life with my husband John on a wooded acreage in the foothills of the Pacific Northwest. As the author of the “Little Farm” homesteading books, I’m passionate about nature and sustainable food gardening, and all about healthy, all-natural strategies for raising your own food.

When I’m not wrangling chickens, tending vegetable beds, or doing a bit of forest-bathing, I’m writing romantic novels set in a quaint little village in County Galway, Ireland. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the essential goodness of people…and my books celebrate the tenderness in relationships and the joys of country life.

Each month at Little Farm Writer, I’ll share gardening, food or book topics: backyard farming experiences, healthy recipes using homegrown ingredients, and close encounters with nature. Now and then, I’ll add tidbits about my stories, or some fun reads I’ve come across. And as a lover of all things Irish, I’ll have an occasional chat about Ireland too.

I love hearing from readers and will do my best to respond to every comment, so please feel free to get in touch!  

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Sharing homestead-style food gardening and creating heartwarming fiction set in Ireland!


Susan Colleen Browne

Novelist, food gardener, nature-lover…I write books, hug trees, watch wildlife, and garden sustainably at our backyard farm in the foothills of the Pacific Northwest.